It’s near the end of January, it’s very cold, the golden hours for photography are blue with chill. I never make many photographs in January because of the weather but this year is worse. I’ve only used three rolls of film my new Canon AE-1 for testing and there’s nothing worth printing except maybe one photo of my cat. Even when I can get myself out into the cold I don’t know where to go with my camera. I’m tired of going downtown, I’m sick of visiting the birthplace of Heogyun, I’m bored with Seongyojang (and they raised the admission price), and I don’t want to see another alley for several years. I did go to the wetlands conservation park the other day with my medium format camera and that wasn’t too bad. Unfortunately, it’s inconvenient to get there if you don’t have a car. There are few buses and it’s a little expensive to get there in a taxi. And taxis don’t want to go out there to pick up passengers so you have to walk for twenty minutes or so to get back to civilisation and an area that taxis patrol.

So I am thinking about buying a very cheap car if I can get a stable enough income. Then I can visit temples and historical sites outside the city and even make longer trips to folk villages and other places of interest. But driving is stressful and fuel and repairs are costly. Maybe I’ll stick to the cat until the weather warms up . . . .


2 thoughts on “Slump”

  1. Hey Bud.
    If I come into some money , like a great uncle wills me some money , I’ll buy you a Ford Ranger with a truck load of film of your choice and a years supply of Koren gas .

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