The Shame, The Shame . . . .

I got three rolls of negative film back from the lab yesterday along with scans. There was so little of value and interest on the rolls that I felt ashamed thinking the lab technician probably saw those awful photos. Two of the rolls were camera tests but I should be able to do better than I did even for test shots. Exposure was generally okay (though it’s hard to tell from scanned negatives how far off I was) but for some reason I can’t get straight lines in my pictures. So, I’ve ordered some slide film and I’m going to spend the next couple of weeks (at least) working on technique and slide film will brutally tell me if my exposures are correct. I think part of the problem with the crooked lines is that the photos were made on the street and I was rushing to press the shutter release and get away. Slow down, Marcus, slow down . . . .


2 thoughts on “The Shame, The Shame . . . .”

  1. Won’t you get better quality with slide as well – better colour or greater depths in times of blacks/ greys.

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  2. It’s not necessarily better quality but it does have a different look. Slide film tends to have more saturated colours, deeper blacks, and so on. Unfortunately, it’s twice as expensive as negative film. I’ll just need to think more before making a photo.

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