Roof Tiles

20151105-002-010 HQ
Contax 645, Provia 100F

Here is another photo from Jumunjin made on a medium format film camera. Many of the older houses in this village have rooves made of corrugated tin(?) with a few clay tiles thrown on top to keep rain out of joins or maybe just to make the roof look a little more traditional. I’m not sure if many of the run-down houses in Korea are a result of poverty, apathy, or a bit of both.

This image was scanned on an Imacon Flextight Scanner. I ordered 50MB scans so that I can comfortably print up to about 11×14.  The photo lab’s service was very good. I sent the film to Seoul yesterday morning and today about dinner time (midday meal) I got a text message telling me how much the nine scans would cost me. I sent the money about 2:30 and around 3:30 I got another message saying my scans were available for download from their website. While I was eating supper I got another text message from the lab saying that they had sent the film back to me. I should get it tomorrow afternoon.
When I looked at the scans I was a bit disappointed in the quality until I realised that the lab just does the basic scan and I’m responsible for making adjustments. I spent a few minutes on each photo adjusting levels and adding some sharpening and now they look very good. You might criticise my composition and vision but it’s hard to say anything bad about a high quality scan from medium format film.

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