It is only the end of November but people are already planning their end of the year parties. I don’t usually participate in these because the restaurants are too full of noisy drunks. I spend New Year’s Eve at home watching a film or playing a computer a game.

I don’t make New Year resolutions, either, but I came up with a photo editing plan recently enough that it might be considered a New Year resolution. And it does involve the new year at one point. At the end of every month I will choose up to twenty-one of my best photos to print at 8×12 size. These I will place in an album. At the end of the year, or rather at the beginning of the new year, I will go through the 252 prints in my album and choose just twenty-one to print at 11×14 and put into a portfolio. 252 sounds like a lot of photographs but I there won’t be that many. I’ve gone through the photos I’ve made so far in 2015 and I only have a total of 122 up to the end of October. Choosing just twenty-one photos out of a possible two hundred and fifty-two seems like a daunting task but I can already see quite a few photos that I might not want to be remembered for.  I might have to struggle to find twenty-one photos that I really feel proud of.

I made this plan for several reasons. One, to reduce the number of prints piling up in the house. Two, to train myself to be more critical of my own photos. And three, to reduce the number of dull photos that I share with friends and the public. I’d rather people think of me as the photographer who made that one lovely picture of a harbour than the guy who kept posting boring photos of walls.

Now to make that lovely photo of the harbour . . . . .


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