No Photo

Most shops open at 10.00 so I left the house about 9 to make some photos while wandering around the downtown area. It’s a much better way to spend an hour than clicking around the Internet. I made a few photographs on the way that I will probably never share but since every photograph made counts as practice it wasn’t a waste of time.
I entered the traditional market area of downtown and noticed that the city had paved the roads and put sidewalks on either side of the narrow streets. The city did a good job but the sidewalks are unusable because merchants consider them a part of their shop space and set out their wares right to the street. And where there are no goods piling up there are cars parked on the sidewalk. For most of my walk through the market I had to walk almost in the middle of the street dodging cars and motorcycles.
When I entered the older part of the market things became worse. Besides the stink of fish and cigarettes the very narrow lanes were overrun by men on motorcycles going back and forth to their shops. After nearly getting squashed between a horn-honking motorcycle and a tofu cart I turned off the camera and escaped the market for the relatively sane aisles of the supermarket.
And the government wonders why shoppers are abandoning the traditional markets . . . .

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