Wandering downtown Gangneung

I don’t make many photographs in the summer because most days are just a glare from sunrise to sunset. From a photographer’s point of view the contrast is harsh and the light is ugly. The pounding light wants to reduce all colour to white. But a while ago there was a day when the sky was overcast and there was a bit of rain. Cool enough for me to venture out with my digital camera and practise exposure and composition. I used a spot meter and manual exposure for all or very nearly all of the photographs. What I learned is that the Fuji X-Pro 1 underexposes a bit so I need to compensate when making my photographs. I didn’t make many photographs. About twenty-two, I think. And after printing them I narrowed my final selection down even further. It’s very likely that after making this blog post public I will think that a few more perhaps aren’t quite as interesting as I thought they were.

Drain in concrete wall

Some of you are thinking, “Right, this is the first one you need to cull.” Maybe, but when this photo is finally displayed (if it makes the selection process) it will be with similar photos that show the changing textures in exterior walls.

Vine leaves and tin wall

I did a bit of cheating with this photo. The wall was too high for me to shoot straight on so I adjusted the angle is Lightroom. Maybe I should strap a ladder to my back the next time I go out so I can stay Photoshop-Free.

Tiles and roof repair

I guess these tiles will be moved to the roof in the background sometime in the future.

Namdae River and apartment reflection

View from a pedestrian bridge across the Namdae River.

No Parking sign and bicycle locked to lamp post

The No Parking sign is for cars, but I thought it was a little bit funny to see a bicycle locked to a light pole in front of it.

Plant in alley crate

I have a similar photo on film. In my last blog post, if I remember correctly. I like the composition of this one better.

Window and wooden door in alley

A door and window separated by a drain.

Tin and stuccoed wall

Another photo where I try to show the changing textures and materials in walls.I think the little patch of tin on the top left makes the photograph.

Packs of oil bottles

Bottles stacked outside a shop that presses sesame seeds for oil.

No Parking sign and scooter with broken mirror

Another No Parking sign. I think these signs should be made in more pleasing colours since they are mostly decoration anyway.

Styrofoam boxes against concrete wall

Again, a similar photo appeared in my last blog post. It’s the same location but different garbage. When I went out to make photos this day I deliberately chose some of the same scenes so I could compare my results on film and digital. I like the film better but cost is a problem. Maybe I’ll eat less so I can afford film.

Post box and green wood wall

Most alley walls in Korea are bare and depressing concrete. I think it discourages thieves by crushing their spirits before they can steal anything. The owner of this house put some effort into making the neighbourhood look a little nicer.

Cyclist going around bend in alley

Good things come to those who wait. I knelt down and composed this scene hoping that someone would come around the corner. A cyclist passed me a few minutes later and I made this photo. At first I regretted that a little bit of his hand and the front tyre got around the wall before I pressed the shutter release button but now I think that it reveals the continuation of the alley to the left.

I am still torn between film and digital. Digital is convenient and doesn’t look that bad if you are careful. But it isn’t film. Maybe I should learn to draw and avoid the whole conflict.

6 thoughts on “Wandering downtown Gangneung”

  1. Great photos Marcus. I love all the textures. I believe it’s your birthday today and I hope you have plenty more memorable moments to capture this year. Say hi to Mrs K!

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