Look up,

look way up the file folders to 2007, the second year I had my Contax 645. I was trying out this and that with black and white film and was told that the photos looked like gags done by a first year fine arts major. That put me off at the time, possibly because I was less confident. Looking back at them now, I think they are pretty good. Probably better than the crap I’m doing these days.

I’m posting old photographs because at the moment I am practising my photographic technique with the Zeiss Ikon ZM and the Contax 645. If I’m going to be a good photographer then I think I should become very good at getting exposure exactly right and making the sharpest photos I can. So I’ve been out in the yard going through rolls of film and writing detailed notes about exposure. I also need to practise focusing faster with the Zeiss Ikon. Practise, practise, practise. Meanwhile, here are the photos I mentioned above.

20070312-02-002-long film in frame-original

I think this was an original idea but it’s possible it’s been done before. The frame was a present from a classmate who went to southeast Asia and I used some dark green fabric for the backdrop. The film is Delta 100.

20070312-02-011-vase and shadow-original

It’s a little hard to see when viewed at a small size on a screen, but I mixed the flowers with the shadows on the floor. I thought the flowers looked interesting as they wilted. The floor is lacquered paper that we eventually replaced with hardwood. I like the deep yellow paper floors but modern desk chairs are not kind to them.

20070617-01-013-hand-shadow-wallI think this is possibly a cliché but I enjoyed setting it up and I like the result. The real hand belongs to my wife and the shadow hand is mine.

I need to do more things like these.

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