One Year (Entrances)

WordPress sent a message to tell me that it’s been one year since I registered with them. I don’t think I posted regularly during that time but for the past few months I have been updating about once a week. I’m not sure how much good my website does the world but writing on a regular basis is good for me. If only to remind me that I need to improve my writing.

Since I ‘entered’ WordPress a year ago, I thought I would upload four photos of entrances.


The day after a rainfall I passed this short alley that ended in the gates to two houses. The residence on the left has an additional green gate but I don’t know why. The two windows are for outhouses. The problem with making photos of older Korean buildings is that there are almost no parallel lines. The grey pillar on the left is straight-ish so I used that when framing. As you can see, the walls and other pillars are slanted.


The owner of this house has filled almost all the space between the gate pillars with firewood. Firewood is hard to come by in Korea because there isn’t much logging here and many forested areas (usually hills) are protected. People with wood stoves often buy lumber scraps or wood pellets.


Many car garages have no doors that leads into the house or the garden. Many garages are barely large enough to admit a car and there is little room to open the doors once you have parked. Very nice for scooters, though.


Enough with the ugly-but-interesting. This film photo (the others are digital) was made at the birthplace of Nanseolheon. This is a side gate to the large residence and I was standing under an internal gate when I made the photo. The partially concealed tile roof in the background covers a well. This historical site has no entrance fee but, in my opinion, is nicer than some of the other sites in Gangneung where you have to pay. And it’s much less well-known, making it a great place for photography without big crowds.

So, one year of publishing(?) on WordPress. I hope that I can offer better photos and slightly more coherent writing in the coming year.


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