Another Brick in the Wall

Fuji X-Pro 1, 60mm lens
Fuji X-Pro 1, 60mm lens

One of my recent photographic projects is to walk around the streets of Gangneung making photos of things that are unusual, things that are leftovers from days gone past, and things that might disappear because of redevelopment. As an aside, I am not an opponent of redevelopment. There are a lot of neighbourhoods in this city that would benefit from a cleaning up and a facelift. Unfortunately, when old areas of the city are demolished they are replaced by ugly, square concrete buildings or towering apartment blocks.

I came across this wall one day while wandering the smaller streets near my house. This wall was interesting to me for two reasons. One, someone bothered to paint it and, not only that, paint it in a colour other than white. Two, I’m not sure why that breeze block is sticking out. I suspect there might be an outhouse or a shed on the other side of the wall and this brick was left uncovered to provide ventilation. The builder could have left the brick flush with the wall but chose to pull it out a little. An artistic touch?

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