The two hundred thousand people of Gangneung have a choice of two hypermarts, many smaller grocery stores, several traditional markets, and a very large number of convenience stores. I usually go to an organic/local cooperative for fruits and vegetables but most everything else I buy at HomePlus (Tesco) or Emart (Owned by Samsung but now split off and run by a Samsung family member). Because I walk or cycle to these supermarkets, I often approach the buildings by back roads. Behind HomePlus is the Central Market and the many shops and street vendors that seem to have tumbled into the streets and alleys surrounding it. Also behind HomePlus is a traditional building with a stone tile roof. I wanted to contrast the traditional architecture of Korea with the huge buildings of modern Korea.

20150316-010Much farther away from my house is Emart, another large building that is practical but lacks the charm and grace of traditional Korean buildings. But how much charm does one need when buying Froot Loops? I usually cycle along the riverside to get to Emart because the dykes separate the river from the noisy city. There are ducks, trees, and gardens planted by the city. I leave the river behind Emart, go up over the dyke, and end up by Emart’s loading bay. One day I noticed several bicycles parked against the wall and decided to make the photo. I don’t know if the bicycles belong to employees or customers who don’t like the bicycle racks.

20150322-001I tried converting this to black and white but I think the colour version is more interesting.

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