Market Ladies

20150319-002When I first came to Gangneung the sidewalks were filled with older women selling vegetables. Because they all sat on the ground and spread out their goods on a sheet of plastic it was sometimes difficult to walk down the street, especially at the weekends or late afternoons. Several years ago the city cleaned up the downtown central market and moved all these ladies into it. It was a kind gesture by the city council, who could have just cleared them out, but now they are underfoot in the city’s central market.


When there are more than a few people in the market the aisles become very congested, especially since stall owners ride their scooters when they need to make a delivery or do business elsewhere. I hope that as these older ladies retire the city will not allow anyone to replace them. I like the idea of a traditional market but it’s too unpleasant and organised there at the moment for a good shopping experience. That said, the best fried chicken and rice cakes are in the market so I do go there sometimes.

3 thoughts on “Market Ladies”

    1. I like traditional markets but they really need to be cleaned up and organised. Some sellers in the market have modernised and their displays are neat and everything is clean but many vendors don’t want to change what they’ve been doing for decades.

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