Bus Stop, Hahoe Village

Except for the air-con and advert, local buses look much the same as they do in old films.
Except for the air-con and advert, local buses look much the same as they do in old films.

When I was making a last batch of photos for my exhibition last year, I travelled to the village of Hahoe near Andong. When I first visited the village about fifteen years ago there were cheap trinkets being sold from a lot of the houses for the tourists. And not even Korean cheap trinkets. I especially remember a large wooden pencil with a U.S. flag on it. Not exactly the traditional Korea I had travelled to see. The village’s applications to become a UNESCO Heritage Site were rejected because of this sort of thing.
But the village cleaned itself up and in 2010 it was accepted as a heritage site. I went in the autumn on a weekday so I didn’t run into the weekend horde of tourists. I made some good photographs in the afternoon and morning and I slept in a house like the one in the picture above. Sleeping on a heated floor on a yo (a thin mattress) is a pleasure in life, especially when you can watch the shadows of trees on the paper windows.
The buses to and from the village are not that frequent and when they arrive the driver turns off the engine, gets out, and has a rest. This gave me time to walk away and make a photo with my Zeiss Ikon ZM. It’s the only film photo I made, I think. The others were done with my iPhone. I want to visit the village again next autumn with either the Fuji digital camera or, perhaps more in fitting with the traditional nature of the village, a film camera like the Zeiss or my Contax 645.

2 thoughts on “Bus Stop, Hahoe Village”

  1. Somehow I had forgotten your phone is an
    I-phone . I have an I phone 6+ . Have you any lens for your I-phone? Considering purchasing a macro . Any wisdom to share?

  2. No wisdom, sadly. 🙂 The iPhone already focuses close enough for what I need so I don’t have a macro lens. I guess you are going to take photos of plant buds and other things in your garden? A macro lens attachment is probably a good idea. An even better idea is to buy a tripod and a mobile phone holder for it. This was indispensable for my photos and you can get something good enough for a mobile phone at a very low price.

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