Two Lotus Ponds

It’s difficult to remember what photos I have uploaded to this website so I added a collection to Lightroom where I put all the photos I want to write about and then delete them from the collection once they are published here. The problem is, I sometimes can’t remember if I forgot to erase them from that collection or not . . . . No hope, really.

These two photos were taken last year but I don’t know why I didn’t post them here. Saving them for a rainy day? Well, it rained this morning so here they are.

Frog on Lotus Leaves
Frog on Lotus Leaves

This frog was very patient with me and waited while I set up my heavy tripod and focused the Contax 645. I think the film is Provia but could possibly be Velvia.

Paper Windows, Lotus Pond, and Hill.
Paper Windows, Lotus Pond, and Hill.

This was also made using the 645 but I cropped the frame after printing. I’m almost certain this was Velvia film.

I went back to this traditional residence a few weeks ago and found the admission price has gone up to 5,000 Won from 3,000 Won. Ouch. The owner wants a new BMW, I guess.

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