Apricot Blossom

The apricot tree in our yard came full blossom a couple of days ago and my wife said she would like a photo of her and the cat standing in front it. So I went out a few minutes before they did to check exposure and find the best background. They still weren’t out by the time I finished that so I decided to finally use the Fuji 60mm macro lens as a macro lens (instead of a portrait lens, I mean) and try to make some photos of the blossoms. I tried to make some pictures of the bees and flies getting pollen but the little buggers are fast and the lens’ autofocus is quite slow. So, here is a photo of some blossoms, which stay still enough for slow cameras.

Many-legged dancers
Many-legged dancers

2 thoughts on “Apricot Blossom”

  1. It’s nice to pick them off the tree and eat them in the yard. But you have to be careful of worms, etc. We don’t spray our tree or vegetables with anything.

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