Last of the Hipstamatic Photos

The photos in my upcoming exhibition were made using Hipstamatic for the iPhone.  I first started using the application in 2011 and made my last photos about a month ago.  It was an interesting way to do a project but I think I am done with Hipstamatic.  Now I keep my Zeiss Ikon in my bag or in my hand and the iPhone stays in my pocket.  So, in this post I am sharing the last of the Hipstamatic photos I have in my ‘For Blog’ collection in Lightroom.

Bank of Korea and Clouds
Bank of Korea and Clouds

A friend of mine was once told by security guards not to take photos of this building.  Why did they make the building so interesting if they didn’t want people to take photos?  I was behind the trees in the foreground so I probably wasn’t noticed.

Aquarium, fish, and chefs.
Aquarium, fish, and chefs.

These two chefs were taking a smoke break in front of a raw fish restaurant.  In Korea the fish are kept in tanks outside the restaurant so you can see what you’re going to eat.

Street seller and crosswalk
Street seller and crosswalk

This elderly woman lays out her fruits and vegetables on the sidewalk to sell.  Here she is just taking a rest, I think.  In the road . . . .


Another woman selling vegetables on the sidewalk.  This is a very inconvenient place to set up because of the crosswalk but nobody says anything to her.  She is there nearly every day.

Well, that’s the end of the Hipstamatic photos and nearly the end of digital photos I have to share.  Now I need to get busy with film . . . .

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