Death of Film (camera)

The Ricoh GR10 is dead.  Or close enough to it.  The LED on the top of the camera is unreadable (a common problem with these cameras) and now the flash doesn’t work.  Disaster.  The cost of repairing it might be more than what I paid for it in the first place.  If I can even find a place that has parts and repairs the Ricohs.  So, I am sad to say, I am going to retire it.  I suppose I could get along without knowing how many frames I have left but the flash is important to me.

I looked around for a replacement online and found a new Fujifilm Klasse S.  Unfortunately, it turned out the website owner didn’t update the listing and he told me he would have to spend a couple of weeks trying to get a used one from Japan.  The Klasse isn’t cheap, even used, and I’m nervous about spending that much money on a camera I might not be able to have repaired.  Nobody makes point and shoot film cameras anymore so I think I will just have to give up.  Or buy a Lomo (shudder).

So what to do for a carry-around camera?  I have my Zeiss Ikon rangefinder but I keep slide film in that and it doesn’t have a flash.  Not much good for snapping photos of friends in poorly lit places.  Although I love using film, for the time being I am going to use my Fuji X-Pro 1 with the 18mm lens.  It fits in a jacket pocket but it’s a little bit heavy.  On the plus side, it has good high-ISO performance so I won’t need a flash.  It’s not film but since I’m just using it for snapshots I suppose it’s okay . . . .

Wait a minute!

The missus has a Canon S100 that I gave to her a couple of years ago.  It’s small and, if I remember correctly, the image quality is pretty good.  I will have to charge the battery and try it out again.

(but it’s still not film . . . 😦 )

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