Animals and Galleries

My photo teacher’s workshop is near the university at the edge of the city.  The property next door has cows and while waiting for my teacher to arrive one day I went over to say hello.  Cows are curious creatures and as soon as I said hello to one of them, the rest of them showed up to see what was going on.  Or maybe they had never seen a white person before? (I’m a visible minority here).  I lifted my camera up over my head and pressed the shutter release button.  I got lucky with the composition but I wish that post wasn’t in front of the cow’s nose and that I could see more of the rear cow’s face.  Still, not bad for a snapshot.

Cattle in plastic barn. Ricoh GR10, Fujicolor C200 film
Cattle in plastic barn.
Ricoh GR10, Fujicolor C200 film

I have to admit my ignorance and say that I don’t know if these are cows or bulls.  They have horns . . . but cows have horns as well?  Someone let me know . . . .

The next photo was taken in the city near the bus station.  I was walking past this window when I saw the chicken come from out around the side of the building.  I sized him up and he sized me up.  I moved left and he went right.  I went right and he went left.  I made a few photos.  Then I realised I could get him into a good position for a photo by pre-focusing and slowly walking to my right.  He moved to the left into the spot I wanted and I made the photo.

Chicken in street Zeiss Ikon ZM, 50/2 Planar, Agfa CT Precisa 100
Chicken in street
Zeiss Ikon ZM, Planar 2/50, Agfa CT Precisa 100


I changed this website address from to  It makes it easier for people to find and remember my website.  Once my exhibition in December is finished I’ll be wanting to direct people here in case they want to buy prints and using my real name dot com is much better.
I have several photo albums on this website that haven’t been updated in quite a while.  Not to mention the flurry of inactivity over on Flickr.  I guess I really need to go through my folders in Lightroom and choose some photos to add to the albums.  The problem is, how many photos should I have in each album?  Twenty-one seems like a good number.  Should I just have fine-art albums?  Is street photography okay?  How about fun photos like the cows above?  Maybe everything is okay if I label the albums appropriately.  Decisions, decisions . . . . .

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