Ricoh GR10 and a roll of film

Several weeks ago I bought a Ricoh GR10 compact film camera.  I couldn’t afford a fancier Contax T2 or T3 and I didn’t really want one.  What I wanted was a reasonably fast lens in a camera with complete automation.  The GR10 has a 28mm F2.8 lens and almost no other controls except a switch for turning the flash on and off.  I bought the camera not for art photos but for keeping in a pocket when out for walks or getting together with friends.  In this camera I put Fuji C200 film, one of the cheapest negative films I could find.  I used one roll of this film for testing the flash, the film, and the lens.  The second roll of film I used for taking photos on walks or when I was with my friends.  Developing the film cost 2,000 Won and a contact sheet cost 3,000 Won.  The film cost me 3,100 Won a roll so the total price wasn’t bad.  I won’t show photos of my friends or family but I can share photos I took while out on walks.

000001This very old building in a side street is of Japanese design, I think.  There are a few of these remaining from the colonial period.  This building is being used as a mill, as far as I can tell.

000010 Although a 28mm lens usually gives a very good depth of field, I was close to the plant and there wasn’t much light so the tiles are out of focus.  I can go back later with a ‘proper’ camera.


I like this photo and I think it turned out fine on the Ricoh but I might go back with my medium format camera and do it again.


I made a similar photo of this wall and crane but accidentally included my finger.  A hazard of using a camera with a very short lens.


As you can see from the white and dark objects in the foreground, 28mm was a bit too wide for this photo.  I couldn’t get closer because of a wall.


I should have waited another half a second so the tractor wouldn’t be so close to the edge of the frame.  My timing is usually pretty bad.  At least I didn’t cut the end off the tractor.  The nice thing about being a visible minority in Korea is that people think you’re a tourist and don’t hassle you much about taking photos.


In the middle of nowhere you can often find well-maintained tombs like this.  This one looks quite new.  I made a respectful bow before making this photo.  I’m not superstitious but it doesn’t hurt to be polite, even if it’s just for my sake.


Ignoring the rubbish from farming in the stream, this was a lovely place to take a rest.  The tomb in the previous photo was on the other side of the stream.


Down by the river the city seems far away.  It’s a lovely place to take a walk.


A peaceful summer evening fishing and watching someone else fish.  And me watching someone else watching someone fish.  And my wife behind me watching me . . . .

I was pleased with the Ricoh GR10 and the Fuji C200 after getting these photos back.  The scans I’ve posted here are low quality and came from making the contact sheet so don’t judge the camera or the film based on what you see here.  It’s a camera I want to use when I see something that catches my eye on a day out or just to take photos of my friends at a restaurant or on the street.  Sometimes it’s nice to just press a button and not think about f-stops and shutter speeds and this camera does a very good job of delivering good results.

One thought on “Ricoh GR10 and a roll of film”

  1. I love the blue sky in the crane shot. Sorry, that’s faint praise. I also like the the river scene with the fisherman and the bystanders.

    I don’t see that blue a sky around here very often, though.

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