Gyeongpo Wetland Park Ferry

One of my favourite places to cycle on weekdays is the Gyeongpo Wetland Park in Gangneung.  From Monday to Friday, especially in the morning, there are almost no people there.  The trails are uncluttered by meandering tourists and there are no cars in sight.  Today I took a path I didn’t notice before and came upon a small rope punt.  I had never used one before so it was a great opportunity to have a new experience.  I had my bicycle with me but no one else was around so I could but the bike on the punt and pull myself across.  It isn’t hard to do but the boat is a bit tippy so you need to be careful.

Rope-powered punt in Gyeongpo Wetlands Park
Rope-powered punt in Gyeongpo Wetlands Park
Rope-powered punt in Gyeongpo Wetlands Park
Rope-powered punt in Gyeongpo Wetlands Park

You can see the life preservers on each wharf (dock?) and one in the boat.  I don’t know how deep the water is but I suppose someone can drown even in shallow water.  Better safe than sorry.

For people who look at post categories, you can see I have added a new one called ‘Just Looking’.  This is for photos I take while out for walks or just interesting things I see.  I half-heartedly promise not to post pictures of my lunch or tea . . . .


8 thoughts on “Gyeongpo Wetland Park Ferry”

  1. Is there only one boat? What if you are trapped on the no-boat side?
    It is a fun way to cross. I visited the Sokcho one many times – as you may know, there are two ferry and the tow cable is metal and long enough to sink so boats can use the channel.

    1. They might be difficult to see in the photo, but there are thin ropes attached to the punt so you can bring it to your side using a hand crank. I haven’t tried the Sokcho ferry. How long does it take to get across?

  2. Everybody loves about Korea now. I really wanna know a lot about it too. Not only about the boyband. I’m so glad to find this blog. But I’ m sorry if my English is not to good to understand.

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