Taking Notes

When I have an idea for a story or a poem I try to jot it down as quickly as possible so that it isn’t scratched from memory by the day’s bristly encounters or dissolved in the philter of a good night’s sleep.  The same goes for photography.  I try not to say, “I’ll come back and make a photo of that when I get some time.”  Odds are I’ll never go back and I’ll never remember what I was looking at.  So even if it’s just a quick mobile phone photo I try to record the scene.
Today I rode bicycle to an historical house in Gangneung and on the way I stopped into a convenience store at Gyeongpo Beach to drink something.  In the store is a counter where you can eat instant noodles or drink a coffee and whatnot.  From the counter is a view of the beach, a boardwalk, a swing chair, and the ocean.  As I was drinking my coffee I noticed a fishing boat passing not far from the shore and forming a nice composition with the swing chair and some bushes.  It was too late to run out and get a photo so, when I finished my tin of coffee, I went out to see if any more fishing boats were coming.  There were none in sight and I didn’t have time to wait for one so I made a photo of the scene sans boat so that I can remember to come back later and wait for a fishing boat to pass by.

Swing chair at the beach
Swing chair at the beach

The photo doesn’t look too bad as it is but when I go there again I can try moving left and right, closer and farther, and so on.  Maybe I could bring someone with me to sit in the swing chair as a model.  And then hope it doesn’t take too long for a boat to pass by . . . . .


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